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We live in a world where most decisions made are based on unconscious fears, doubts and insecrurities due to our experiences and environment. These same fears, doubts and insecurities dictate the present reality of our life, resulting in many life opportunities being missed.

“What If” your fears, doubts and insecurities were minimized and you were able to achieve your goals?

“What If” you could change your bad habits into good habits?

“What If” you could act right now and begin achieving your goals?

This book is designed to make a better YOU through the changing of habits; it is an excellent resource for mentoring, team building and self-development. It will challenge you to take on simple daily tasks that will develop into positive habits within the areas of:

Motivation; Accountability; Goals; Success; Engagement; Teamwork; Mentorship; Respect; Integrity; Inspiration; Determination; and Gratitude.

When you develop positive habits, you become a better YOU!