3 Simple Actions That Are of Value to Others

You see, I know you can do it! You’re probably thinking, “Do what?” I’m talking about being all that you want to be. You know, bringing out all the success that already exists within you. If you’re thinking success doesn’t exist within you now, then let me guide you in realigning your thoughts. 


I believe it all begins with how you demonstrate your value to others. When you offer value to others, not only does it put a smile on that person’s face, but you begin to feel worthy. A strong feeling of self-worth brings confidence. Having confidence propels you to act. Acting often produces desired results, in turn creating success. So, you are successful and you only need a few tips to demonstrate your value to others to get your ball rolling. That’s why I’m sharing these 3 simple actions you can practice to assist in creating some additional confidence that propels you to succeed.

1.  Listen with Empathy

Listen without judgment and keep your opinion to yourself. I’m not saying that your opinion doesn’t matter, because it probably does, and that’s why this person is talking to you. So, let’s change it up the next time around and put yourself in their shoes to develop your empathy. Try to only be an ear with no mouth until you’re asked for your thoughts. Now you would be of value to someone at that moment. You would be thanked for listening with candor.  

2.  Demonstrate Random Acts of Kindness

Go out of your way to demonstrate 5 random acts of kindness today. Here’s a few that works every time.

  • Donate your lunch to a homeless person
  • Acknowledge someone publicly
  • Clean up something for someone
  • Give up your spot in a long line
  • Call, email, or write 3 people and let them know the unique impact they’ve had in your life

Doing these simple acts of kindness will put smiles on peoples faces and show their appreciation toward you. When people show their appreciation toward me, it makes me feel my worthy of others time, love, and kindness. Remember, feeling good brings confidence and propels you to act which creates your desired results.

3.  Over Deliver on Commitments

When you over-deliver on commitments, you’ll be looked at in a positive light. There’s just no way around it! You’ll become valuable to others. It’s easy to think when you over deliver on commitments that people would expect it often, maybe even fear being taken advantage of, but I challenge you to be openminded. Your actions model a way of positivity which becomes supported by most. This builds character and will build upon and improve your self-confidence. 

When you read my SERVICE e-book, I offer more tips to build upon to bring a higher level of self-worth to you. The more people you are of value to the more confident you will become. And as I mentioned before, confidence brings action and action creates desired results which ultimately leads to success. You are a success, so demonstrate your value as you continue to grow!