5 Phrases That Kill Ideas Before Its Birth

We live in a society where negative affirmation is a norm. With so many people living in fear and afraid to go after their dreams, it’s so much easier for them to stay stagnant. In fact, people living in fear will employ their worries and doubts on you to hinder you from moving forward and have no clue that they’re doing it and affecting you. Here are 5 phrases that kill ideas before its birth:

 1.    “That’s a crazy idea and it wouldn’t work”

This is the vintage dream killing line that’s prevented many ideas from being nurtured. This person lacks imagination and optimism. At one point inventions such as the light bulb, airplane, internet, personal computers, radio sound waves, etc. were thought to be crazy ideas, but these inventors moved forward anyway. Hence, failed over and over until they got it right. Your idea is awesome!  Be courageous and Go For It!

 2.    “I’ve been there and done that and wouldn’t recommend you try”

The classic response of a person’s fear and/or failure camouflaged so to speak to protect you from failing. Not trying is worse than failing and the only way you would fail is if you quit. Taking this advice dooms you before you had a chance to fail. Smile, say thank you for your input, and Go For It!

3.          “Such and such tried that, and it didn’t work

This person tries to justify past failures of others to predict future failure on you. Maybe such and such didn’t have a good work ethic, vision, purpose, and a poor attitude or quit when the going got tough. We’ll never know and it’s not fair to put past failures of others on you.  Your purpose is different and unique. So, Go For It!

 4.          “I hate to say it, but I told you so

This person gets a kick out of watching your setbacks because they feel you’re going to stay where they are, stagnant. They’re sublimely saying, it’s ok to quit because they tried and quit and so should you. The reality is that every successful person in every profession ran into some sort of setback and hiccups. These people have desire, persistence, vision, purpose, and plans. So get up, get back on the saddle, and Go For It!

5.    Silence with no feedback:

I call this the deadly silent treatment! This person cares about you, but really may not support your idea and believe it’s easier not to say anything to avoid coming across as non-supportive. A Thought might be, “You’ve been down this road before and failed, so why are you trying this again?” Silence is like admitting non-support otherwise they would be excited and share their enthusiasm with you.  At this point, keep it moving because a negative opinion may slow your momentum. You’re on to something, so Go For It!