Hi, I’m Morice

It’s nice to meet you. I’m motivated to help you be the best YOU. I remember in 2009 being stuck in a mental rut with low motivation, complacency, and wondering “why me”?  I had lost a job I truly enjoyed and it created self-pity that I just couldn’t get passed. I put 100% effort into that job and it shook me hard to lose it. 

Not too long afterwards, I was introduced to self-development. It’s crazy how things work out, and I believe everything happens for a reason. I say that because, after all the years that I attended school to obtain my degrees, I paid no attention to the concept of self-development. I’ve always had a strong work ethic, but what I was missing was a positive mental edge that could tip the scale in my favor. Instead of thinking of the glass being half full, I thought of it being half empty. For me, negative thoughts were a norm until I devoted my time and energy to self-development. Now that I’ve revised my mindset, I want to help you positively shift your thoughts and habits to live a happier, successful and more fulfilled life!

See the thing is, I get it! I’m familiar with those feelings you’re currently experiencing. Those feelings of being stuck, wondering how you are going to get a new job in this recession, your work-life balance is off, you’re worried about what’s next in your life and your career, your thoughts are full of doubts, and you just can’t seem to get out of your own way. Maybe you need a mental shift to create better habits for yourself. Maybe you need someone to be your sounding board to your frustrations and help guide you to your promise land.  Whatever it is, I got you! Whether its trying to find the right career, getting a  promotion, finding work life balance, improving your leadership skills, or dealing with change in your work responsibilities, I can help you!

How Did I Get Here?

Shifting My Attitude

Self-help books taught me how to develop myself from the inside out and it started with shifting my attitude. I learned that I could choose my attitude and thoughts and didn’t have to believe preconceived ideas about my identity. Regardless of what my engraved beliefs were, I chose to create a belief system that focused on the present moment while identifying personal truth. When I believe I’m an awesome guy, then I’m an awesome guy.

To make a long story short, I practiced shifting my internal thoughts in a positive direction and it changed my attitude. With the help of self-help books and applying its various concepts, my attitude became positive over time. Once that happened, situations in my life shifted for the better and I experienced more favorable outcomes. It isn’t as easy as it might sound, I still read self-help books and work on keeping my inner voice in check so I’m still a work in progress, but we all are!

Finding My Passion

When you have a positive attitude, it’s amazing how the possibilities of growth and opportunity becomes endless. For me, positivity equates to being open-minded and optimistic to self-development which produce successful results. My positive attitude has lead me down the path of developing leaders, professionals and students in which I am extremely passionate about. It’s the intrinsic reward of giving people aww ha moments that thrives from with in. I consistently seek ways to bring value to all for whom I come in contact with. This is who I am and I love it! I provide Career Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Organizational Change Management Coaching and Life Coaching.

Living in the Now

Ever since I’ve identified my purpose, I’m living in the now. I’ve found ways to overcome self limiting thought patterns to continuously achieve my goals. My positive thoughts today with action creates desired outcomes for tomorrow. So, I don’t wait, I act now to build what I desire for my future. When I merge my positive attitude, purpose, and living in the now, I’m actually seizing every moment today to create my reality for tomorrow. It’s definitely a wild ride and I encourage you to ride with me as I help you through your journey to prosperity and success. 


  • Coaching Expertise: Career, Leadership, Organizational Change Management, and Life
  • Author: “The What If Effect” Book 2018
  • Adjunct Business Professor at Los Rios Community College District since 2005
  • Training Manager at the Office of the Attorney General – Office of Professional Development since 2019
    • Facilitator for 2020 Attorney General Executive Retreat
    • Franklin Covey Certified Leadership Facilitator for DOJ
    • Upward Mobility Career Counselor
  • Senior Trainer at Employment Development Department – EDD University 2016 – 2019
    • Provided Leadership Training for 300+ New Manager and Supervisors
    • Developed HRSD Staff Mentoring Program
    • Member of team to developed staff portal
  • 25 years of Human Resource Management and Leadership Experience in Retail Industry and Public Sector